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About Me

Hi everyone, here is just a little information about the person behind the blog. My name is Francessca and I grew up in the United Kingdom. I decided to take on the challenge of this blog when I read the book Driven by K.Bromberg and enjoyed the book so much that I wanted everyone to know what I thought of it. When speaking to the author I gained a lot of inspiration and she gave me the encouragement to start the blog. Along the journey I have met some wonderful people who have been a great support.

I still live in the UK with my husband to be, Tez and my son, Riley. Riley is now four and is a complete pleasure to be around, full of energy and completely in to technology just like his daddy. I have been with my partner now for ten years and I have to say it has been the best ten years of my life full of laughter and love. Still today we are on a journey to ensure that we get the most out of our life and create a great future for our family. I currently work full time for the NHS (National Health Service for our overseas friends).

I have first begun reading when Fifty Shades of Grey was released and this was the beginning of my obsession for adult romances. I have since read some amazing books! My list of books seems to grow by the day and it would be so difficult to pin point a favourite as I have now read so many excellent books. I never would have believed that a book could make me cry but I now know this is not the case. I have to say my main obsession is mainly with adult romances but I am willing to try anything.

I love spending time reading and watching films with the family. Taking time out from a busy day at work and blogging I enjoy piece and quite watching television, I mainly enjoy programmes such as Criminal minds, and for a bit of comedy An Idiot Abroad or The Inbetweeners. I enjoy cooking with my little boy … our favourite’s homemade pizza and cakes, lots of cakes. We enjoy family days out and not forgetting family holidays!!!

Upon starting the blog I have had so much support from other bloggers and many authors. I would especially like to thank Kemmie Michaels, Melissa Rolka and Natalie Graham for not only taking a leap of faith in me reviewing their books but also been a great encouragement and assisting me at the beginning of this new adventure. Not forgetting the wonderful bloggers; Adrianna McWilliams of Mommy’s Late Night book up, Terrie Honeyball of Obsession is a book and Charmaine Butler of mummy’s naughty corner, who have read through reviews for me and been a great support with sending me information and links.