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A Time For Hope - The Lexi Series #3

T Gephart


A Time For HopeLexi Reed was unstoppable, or so she thought. As the PR manager of international rock band, Power Station and living in New York, she was a long way from her old life in Melbourne, Australia. Having captured the heart and married one of the sexiest men alive (Power Station’s guitarist, Alex Stone) Lexi was living beyond any fantasy she could have ever imagined. Having finally allowed the walls from her past to fall, Lexi had not only learnt to trust again but had given herself completely to Alex, her one true love.

Lexi happiness was short lived when heartache and trauma throw everything she knew into turmoil. Her world came crashing down around her, and now Lexi is struggling to regain her sense of self. Unable to regroup and heal under the scrutiny of the media and her well-intentioned loved ones, she can’t seem to find the road back to the old “Lexi.”

Alex is devastated. His beautiful, intelligent and once confident wife is now distant and guarded, the product of the brutality she has suffered. He feels powerless but is determined not to lose her.

With her gorgeous rock star husband by her side and her eclectic but devoted circle of friends, Lexi starts over. In order to find a way to reconcile the past and build a future, she must let go of all her safety nets and trust those around her.

In this final installment of the Lexi series, we join Lexi and Alex on their journey of rediscovery. Relationships are tested, terms are renegotiated and lives are irrevocably changed. With the hope that their love for each other is strong enough to carry them through, Lexi and Alex gamble everything in search of their happily ever after.

The Review

PHENOMENAL the only word I could even think of for T.Gephart's Lexi Series. I have to say I think this series has to be one of my all time favorites. T.Gephart you did it again, each time your writing excels me in to this universe where I feel I know the characters as friends of my own. This book lives up to all the standards of the others in this series, which with many series you lose interest as you read through them however this is far from the case with The Lexi Series.

This story starts of where A Leap Of Faith finishes with Lexi broken but wanting nothing more to get back to her former glory. Lexi was strong, feisty and whitty until an attack left her broken and lost. A Time For Hope is exactly that, Lexi claws her way back and comes back stronger than ever; "While I was no longer the old Lexi, the new Lexi I had become was by far more adaptable, resilient and stronger than I'd ever been." Lexi comes back fighting that fight shows you (The reader) that no matter what obstacles are put in our way we should never give up and always come back fighting. The ups and downs of life make us who we are, this is not just a story of love, romance and heat. It is a journey that many of us have taken at some point in our lives to find who "we" really are. I love that T.Gephart has captured a life journey as well as an impeccably well written romance novel.

The character continue with there individuality and there "spunk". I love all of the characters in this series and well and truly feel that it is the end of an era with the finial book. I have loved all of the characters in this book because of how real they are to people you would know. Lexi is my all time favorite female lead in any book that I have ever read and I believe that it will take one heck of a book to take that away from Lexi. Alex is a complete diamond in the rough, under his rock star exterior he dotes on Lexi and would do anything with in his power to keep her safe, he loves her unconditionally! Dan is still completely hilarious and had me in complete hysterics through out the book! I need his story T.Gephart ;-) Seriously, that would be one book that I think I would actually wet myself. Dan infuriates Lexi beyond believe but he is so amusing - "Your hands get anywhere near my tits you are going to be shitting out teeth and I assure you, I will not aim wide" - Lexi.

Before I go any further for the intimate scenes i would highly recommend not reading this book in a crowded area, it gets you all sorts of hot and bothered and that is just from the chemistry alone! Although reading it in the presence of your hubby or partner is highly recommended he will want you to read more often because there is no way that you will be able to keep your hands to yourself.

This story will have you in fits of laughter but it also gives you times of sadness where I was reduced to tears on more than one occasion. T.Gephart has done an amazing job at making the characters part of your life so that what ever turmoil these characters go through you also feel the same sadness and pain. I know T.Gephart experienced some of her own problems during writing this book and I can truly say that she is an inspiration she has drawn from her own emotions and situations to make this series what it is today! T.Gephart you are astounding, every book has pushed me so much further; it has made me look at myself, giving me confidence to be that person I am and that I want to be! No matter how I write this review there isn't a single way I could describe the complete pleasure I have experienced reading this series, this review would never in a million years sum up how amazing this series is and how much I love Helen from Kinky Book Klub (for introducing me to this author) or T.Gephart herself for sharing such a magical inspirational story with me!

Arghhh ..... Im really frustrated because I don't feel as though this review does the series any justice and T.Gephart deserves so much more for how extremely talented she is! So I tell everyone out there who follows my reviews this is a MUST read series get out there and one click now!

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