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A Year Of You - Reviewed by Guest Reviewer Gemma H

Ashley Roland


A Year Of YouWith a foster home from hell and a past full of hard choices, Mattie Delacort is an unusual woman whose heart has never been allowed to be released from the chains that bind her. After living through years of horrendous abuse at the hands of her foster brother she is always looking for a way to escape. When the representative of her maternal Grandmother offers her a once in a lifetime deal, she jumps at the chance to take on a new role that will allow her to get away from the life she is currently living. Little does she realise that she is not setting herself free but stepping right into a viper's nest that will not only test Mattie in every way possible but also threaten her life.
The influential and exceptionally rich McKendrick family behind closed doors has locked away their darkest secrets and it is these secrets that Mattie needs to gain access to and reveal in order to fulfil her Grandmother's wishes. Solving the great Mystery of Elaine McKendrick's disappearance 20 years ago by assuming her identity troubles Mattie, but as her biological family do not know she exists and more evidence becomes apparent - is she who she thinks she is or is she someone else entirely? Millions of dollars are at stake and uncovering the truth behind the little girl's disappearance will provide her with the much needed funds to get away from her torturous past where her own dark and dangerous secrets lie – threatening to follow her and ruin everything she is working for.
The one thing she never accounted for was Brant West. Will he save her from herself? Or will he help her to navigate her way through the murky world of high life living and menacing back stabbing with her new but biological family? The way he looks at her and the stolen glances between them alights a desire she has never felt before – is Brant the man to break her from her chains? Or will he just chain her further down?

**Warning – This book contains references of child abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and rape that some may consider triggers. At no time are any of these depicted references glorified in any way, they are part of the heroine's story which she has to overcome in order to become free**

The Review

A Year Of You is a brilliant and exceptionally well written novel that grips you right from the start and covers several different subject matters within the main story. Mattie Delacort is an amazing character who has to overcome the horrors of abuse in her past, face her biological family who do not know she exists, solve a 20 year old mystery and find a way to escape the clutches of her demented, possessive and evil foster brother. Mattie has known about her family since she was a girl but it is only at her maternal Grandmothers insistence with an offer of a lifetime that promises her the funds to set herself free. This is a chance to save herself but when she agreed she did not understand the true ramifications of her decision and one thing she did not count on was falling in love. Empathising with Mattie was exceptionally easy as you cannot but connect with her character which allows you to empathise with each situation she finds herself in. You will laugh, you will cry, you will smile and you will become angry for her.

Brant West is a moody musician who is dating her biological sister, but they haven't been connecting for years and she is playing him for a fool. Enter Mattie and his world turns into a tail spin, the emotional lock these two experience is breathtakingly beautiful and every moment is hot, hot, HOT!! But is he good enough for her? Will he get there in time to save the day or will he rip her heart out and go back to her sister?

I could not put this book down and found myself making excuses to sit and read as often as I could, the ending was a corker! The flow of the style of writing really pulls you in and Ashley Roland has fast become one of my favourite authors!

Reviewed by Gemma H-(Francessca's Romance Reviews Guest Reviewer)

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Posted on: 3/19/2014 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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