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Beneath It All -

Rani L Rhyes


Beneath It AllIt's hard to find someone that you're meant to be with, unless of course you're not looking. Tess Hammons is a troubled girl, trying daily to overcome the problems that have left her heart, among other things, scathed and scarred many years ago. After three horrific encounters with the opposite sex, she concludes that all men are dogs from hell, sent here to bring her back to the depths with them. No one could talk her out of her gloom and doom, but a handsome devil called Lust himself, better known as Avery Woodham might be able to penetrate it.

When Avery, who makes her insides tingle with a longing like never before, penetrates her surface and refuses to leave, Tess is forced to open up. Avery's spell has a hold on her and no matter how much she pushes him away to protect herself, the snap back response from him is something uncanny. Read, as Avery cracks her shell and finds the woman hidden beneath it all.

The Review

Before reading this book listen to Labrinth Beneath Your Beautiful, it is extremely fitting to this story and will give you an idea of what is install for you!

Beneath It All is Rani L Rhyes debut novel, I was given an arc of this book before release, I did enjoy the book but I do have to say that I do feel as though there was something missing. This is a standalone novel. I have given Beneath It All 4 stars as I did like the story and the characters; it flowed well from chapter to chapter. As this is Rani L Rhyes first novel I believe that the potential of this author is incredible. As I go through the different aspects of the story I will explain why I just couldn't give it the 5 star rating that I would have loved to.

It starts of extremely well and throws you straight in the middle of the drama which is brilliantly written I might add and as the story progresses it makes sense as to why you were introduced to these characters early on. Tess is a young woman who has been through a traumatic time in her life and has retreated in to herself only letting her best friend in to help her. Tess is a wonderful character who I fell in love with, the only issue I found with Tess is that her first interaction with Avery took me by surprise as I believed she was withdrawn and this was something that didn't fit her characteristic's, however Rani does pull it back by her actions after her initial meeting with Avery.

I do believe I fell in love with Avery (shhh don't tell the hubby); he has to be my favourite character in this book as he was excellent at dealing with Tess and her issues. Avery was a true white knight and pulled at my heart strings from the very beginning. He is every girls dream guy and that is only enhanced as you go through the story.

The storyline is perfect; troubled young woman faces her demons head on with the support of her white knight. Although the storyline was complicated at times Rani does a wonderful job with ensure you don’t get confused with what is happening. Due to the serious nature of the book I expected some ugly cry moments which I didn't get but maybe this was because I wanted a little more emotional connection with her when she had to relive the events. I can understand these are very difficult issues to write about and to know just how far to take them but I would have loved to hear a little bit more about the trauma she had experienced just to give it that little bit more angst that I desperately love! I think I may be crazy though!

The love making scenes were intimate and well written; I loved the passion between them and could just imagine the heat and connection. All in all this is a book that I would highly recommend, Rani has such potential and I really do look forward to reading her other novels. I may have been a little more critical in order to help Rani expand on her writing skills but like I say these were only things that prevented me giving it a 5 star rating. It is a brilliant 4 star book, and a brilliant start to Rani's writing career.

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