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Twisted Views - Fates Companion - The Lexi Series

T Gephart


Twisted Views - Fates CompanionA Twist of Fate pulled us effortlessly into the world of Lexi Reed - the feisty, smart, sexy and career driven PR manager whose world was turned upside down when she met and began representing her favourite rock band, Power Station. This opportunity of a lifetime not only capitulated Lexi into a new and exciting world but onto a hot and steamy path with Alex Stone, the band's lead guitarist. Their passion simmered as they tired to maintain their secret relationship, leaving both Alex and Lexi wanting more than the "no strings, sex only" agreement they had negotiated. Hearts and rules were broken as Lexi learned the hard way, you can't negotiate with emotions, least of all love.

In this companion novella, we get to examine what has happened behind the scenes from different perspectives, told to us by the characters themselves. Through the eyes of Alex and others we get a clearer view of how Lexi's arrival affects not only dynamics of the band but their personal relationships with her and each other.

We get to know the main players more intimately as we are given access to interviews and personal accounts, learning not only about them and what makes them tick but how their world has changed since Lexi's arrival.

The Review

I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this book it has that feel good factor about it. As you know what is happening already after reading the first in the series this gives you great insight in to the other characters and what they were thinking at the time. I love the little authors notes that explain where you are at what point in the first book you are. This is very different from any of the other books I have read and was a lovely edition to the series. You really do get to learn so much about the other characters and there feelings towards Lexi and Alex. I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with Lexi any more than I already had but I did she is so quirky, I love the extra snippets that we get to see of Lexi through this book. I have to say though I think my favourite character in this book has to be Dan; he gave me so many laugh out loud moments, actually getting some strange looks from passers by. Here's a little quote to show you just how funny Dan is: "Do I look like an escort?" Lexi held her hand up silencing Alex as she faced me. "Well maybe one of those expensive ones that cost you like a grand to jizz on their face" Not that I'd ever pay for sex. Dan did not need to pay for sex. Ok! So maybe I'd paid for sex once...or twice...five times tops!" How could you not think this guy is funny!

It is so nice to read a book with such a feisty alpha female lead! She doesn't take any rubbish from anyone and she is written to perfection. If I could only have an ounce of her energy and vibe there would be no stopping me! I have lots of favourite parts from Lexi but here is just one of them:"You seem to have fixation with fucking," Lexi raised her eyebrow not breaking eye contact, "Tell me Dan, is this a lack of vocabulary or a performance issue? Because if its the latter there are pills that can help you with that." Her smile taunted me as she continued to confuse me with her jazzed up spiel."

I have only given this 4 stars because I full heartedly fell in love with the first book and for me personally this just tided that up. There is no other reason for the four star apart from the fact I wasn't blown out the water like I was the first. This book in the series helps you understand so much more about the characters and where they are coming from. Maybe it would be worth reading this book in conjunction with the first book as the author does a great job at explaining which bits go with which part of the first book. It will give you that other perspective. Just an idea especially for you wonderful ladies and gents still waiting to read the first book and my god this series certainly is one to read!

This book is a great companion for the first book "A twist of fate" which I have also reviewed.Click Here for other review It really is a great edition to the series and gives you all the other characters P.O.V which I found very refreshing. It gives you great insight in to the first book and the other characters surrounding Lexi and Aex. Another wonderful job by T.Gephart, well written and laugh out loud funny! Thank you again T.Gephart for such an amazing story, on to the third book after Christmas and then the long wait till march for the final chapter, I will have to make sure we get out daily fix.

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