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When I close my eyes and manage to block out the horrors going on around me and ignore the aches and pain in virtually every inch of my body, I can still hear the cheers of the audience as I'm lifted into the air by my teammates. For those few brief moments as I remember toppling from the top of the pyramid I feel like I'm flying, I'm free and nothing can hurt me.

But, I was wrong…

How long would it take before they stopped missing me; stopped looking; before I was forgotten about completely? A month? Six months? A year? I'm no longer a person. '’m a commodity.


I have a plan, years in the making. It’s perfect – foolproof. All I need is to keep myself focused on the big picture – my ultimate goal. But then she arrived…

She tests my patience and my will. She angers and frustrates me, making the darkness within scream to be released. I want to ignore her, but I can’t. I need to let her go, but can’t seem to allow her to be sent away.

She's going to ruin everything…

The Review

Review by guest reviewer Emilyjo Garside - **Given 4.5 star rating**

'Trust' by Terry Towers, is a definite page turner to say the least. From the very first chapter you are completely rooted into seeing what happens next. The book starts off quite light and convinces the reader they may be in for an easy ride but within a very short space of time i.e the end of chapter one I realised this was not the case.

The story follows a young, attractive high school cheerleader 'Gwen' at first living a normal and fairly happy life and plunges her into a hellish nightmare that no women would ever want to live in let alone someone so young and naive.

The dark underworld that she and many others have been forced to enter makes the book a very dark place to be for the reader and you can visualise with 'T.Towers' clever and imaginative writing the true fear and intensity that their surroundings and the staff running it bring to light.

A sudden twist quite early on somehow changes 'Gwen's' story from something very dark and disturbing into one of passion and coming of age. Meeting 'Lance' who works for the human trafficking institution under the watchful eye of his father 'The Boss', we see that things are not quite what they seem. 'Lance' who is very handsome and not in the organisation by choice takes a sudden shine to their newest captive 'Gwen' after he is chosen to train her before she is sold in a public auction attended by men only described as 'Monsters'.

'Gwen' knows that if she is to survive this life changing ordeal, she must keep calm, think rationally and above all become the 'Perfect' slave.

Throughout their time together as master and slave, a relationship soon develops between 'Lance' and 'Gwen' as they start to embark in a passionate and forbidden romance. The characters soon begin to realise these feelings are much deeper than they could have anticipated and given the horrific circumstances of how their paths crossed decide their connection is too strong to let someone else determine their fate and future.

Willing to do whatever it takes to gain there freedom and that of the slaves being kept in the dungeons below, Gwen and Lance must have a bond that's stronger than ever if they are to have a life outside of the compound surrounding them. With no easy escape route and armed guards all around they have to be clever and fast, but can they outsmart the intelligence and brutality of the compound and its employees?
This book was absolutely fantastic and the first I have read of its kind other than of course 'Fifty Shades of grey' etc. I highly recommend the read and look forward to more from this Captivating and imaginative author.

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Posted on: 8/1/2014 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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