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UraveledOne night.
One mistake.
Filled with fear.
Sated by pleasure.
Robbed of control.
Blindfolded and bound.
Shamed she liked it.
Doomed to want it.
Limits tested.
Boundaries pushed.
Desire awakened.
Inhibition unleashed.
An identity unraveled.
Lives changed forever.

**Please be advised that UnRaveled is a darker erotic novella that is not suitable for people sensitive to situations dealing with sexual duress or hard to read subjects. It is tame compared to other dark erotica novellas but it will push your comfort level all the while making you think about your own needs, wants, and realities.

This is a story about a stale marriage and the couple's unconventional attempt at communication and finding that spark again. **

The Review

I am already a huge fan of K.Bromberg's work as it was the introduction of her first book "Driven" that introduced me to this whole world. I have to begin by saying I am not a huge fan of novellas as I feel that you cannot determine the full story and they can sometimes come across as rushed. However with unraveled this was not the case, you learn a lot in such a short period of time.

This book has scenes of abuse and if you find this topic disturbing in any way I highly recommend you avoid this book, K.Bromberg also warns of the context in this book. I felt that K.Bromberg does an amazing job at understanding the turmoil that Lilly is experiencing as you as a reader are experiencing the same turmoil. I myself struggled with what abuse Lilly was subject to but at the same time thinking how hot the experience would be if you were *NOT* in that situation. I praise K.Bromberg for this as it is such a difficult topic to get right and I think she has done an amazing job. I think K.Bromberg was very brave undertaking this book but I do feel that it paid off completely!

I understood the range of emotions Lilly experienced from guilt, pleasure to sadness. Lilly was a strong character who was sick of the mundane from her husband and constantly him putting work before his love for her.

This novella is well written and flows really well, it is fast paced without feeling as though it’s rushed. My only negative feelings towards this book was her reaction to the twist in the book (if it was me murder would be on the cards lol) but I love the fact there was such a good twist to the story. I don't want to go in to too much detail about the twist and turns in the book as I will give to much away but providing you can read hard topics and are in to a darker story line this is certainly a good read and well worth the 77p/99c!

K.Bromberg is such a talented author and is very capable of writing different styles, and it is such a breathe of fresh air for an author to write something different and out of their "comfort zone" that may not appeal to all of there current fan base.

I hope you enjoy ladies!

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Posted on: 7/31/2014 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

- K. Bromberg Says...

Thank you so much for reading and taking a chance on UnRaveled. Take Care! Kristy

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