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Interview with Kemmie Michaels -

Kemmie Michaels


Interview with Kemmie Michaels


1) What encouraged you to begin your journey in to writing the Atlanta Series?
I liked the idea of two people getting to know each other from afar, and I tried to think of two of the most opposite people I could think of. Once I came up with the journal idea, the rest practically wrote itself! I love this couple and the newfound strength each finds in each other, even though in completely different ways.

2) Where did the influence come for the three books come from?
Honestly? I have no idea. My brain is like a pinball machine. I work on about three or four books at a time to keep all the corners of my brain occupied. Unlikely Hero originally was a stand-alone in my head, but then the small presence of Cassie had such an impact on me that I had to do more with her. That got things started for the next two.

3) What made you want to write adult romance?
I’m a sap for a good love story, and the hot, steamy scenes are indulgent. What’s not to like?

4) Who is your favorite Character out of your series? And why?
Cassie Cassie Cassie…because I wish I could be her! Her joyful take on life, her bold confidence, her caring heart, her obnoxious sense of humor…she rocks.

5) Do you feel that any of the Characters some up your personality?
There’s a little of me in all of them, and not one of them reminds me of me. Like I said, my brain is a pinball machine and each character represents one little bounce.

6) You books are such a great inspiration and so very different from one another, did you intend for the books to have a hidden meanings, and in turn inspire the readers?
I don’t write with the specific intention to inspire, but I think if I keep depth in the characters and a degree of real-life honesty in the story line, inspiration can happen. I’m honored by this question! Thank you!

7) Whats the best compliment you have had from your readers so far?
Your question number 6 and other comments like it. A few people have commented that my book(s) have brought them to tears. That’s the best compliment possible, knowing my characters become important such that the evoke that strength of emotional response. That’s such an honor. (strange that tears are an honor, but you know what I mean…)

8)On this exciting Journey of yours which has been the best experience?
The best experience has been meeting so many people around the world. I even keep in touch with a European male model now. Who’d have ever thought that would happen?? More importantly there are new people in my life that I can call true friends that I have met through writing. That’s an indescribable happiness for me.

9) What would be the one bit of advice you would give to anyone planning to start writing?
Watch the blogs and learn how marketing is done BEFORE you publish. I wish I had known a whole lot more when I started. Also, don’t overestimate your ability to design book covers. Trust me when I say that it is cheaper and SO much better to leave it to the professionals. I use Robin Ludwig Designs, Inc, and she has done amazing things with my scraps. I can’t wait for my next project when I can give her complete free reign!

10) Apart from your own which is your favorite adult romance book which you have had the pleasure of reading?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Raine Miller’s The Blackstone Affair series. Ethan is my fave book boyfriend of all time.

11) Is there anything about yourself that you would like to share with your fans?
I have two autistic boys (9 & 11)
I hate to go outside
I love writing so freakin’ much you wouldn’t believe it if you tried

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