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Interview with Melissa Rolka -

Melissa Rolka


Interview with Melissa Rolka


1) Melissa where did the influence come from for The Perfect Distraction?
I wouldn’t say I had some big influence other than reading a ton of books in the Romance/New Adult category. Some I really, really loved and others I didn’t. I got this vision of Kate (Katherine) and then I just started writing. Originally Kyle was suppose to be in the book for only a chapter, but then… I got this bigger vision for him and kind of fell in love with writing him. And Reed, oh boy, he was suppose to be more evil too, but then he just couldn’t help falling for Kate. The story blossomed from there. Soon after these characters were all I could think of.

2) What made you want to write adult romance novels?
I love romance in any book I read, whether it’s a small amount or a large portion of the book. I just love it! Then as I kept reading more and more of the romance books I started doing some research about writing a Romance/New Adult novel. I had read so many and some were amazing, blow your mind good and others not so much… I just thought I’ll give it a try. I just wanted and still do to be able to fit in some where in the category and hopefully gain a fan base for my story and style of writing.

3) I love how close to real life your characters are and how they stay true to their character throughout the book. Has there been any special influence for these characters?
None of the characters are based on a single person from my life or from my past, but maybe symbolize parts of my life or experiences. I just think back to when I was a teenager, in my twenties and then my thirties… and wow you change as a person. I can remember friends and even myself in relationships that may have been hard to let go over for different reason. But you find yourself along the way and take with you the bad and the good. When girls are young they sometimes find themselves in a relationship that when they are in their twenties or thirties they never would even consider. That’s Kate… she’s changing, growing and finding herself along the way… just like all of us have done. Reed in a lot of ways reminds me of my sweet, affectionate and loving husband. Kyle is not any one person, but a young guy with anger and control issues. Kyle needs to find himself too… hopefully he does ;)

4) I’m excited to see what your characters have install in the next of the series, Can we get any sneaky insight?
I’m over halfway done with Book 2 of The Perfect Series and am working really hard to try to finish it this year, but no promises. Well, I don’t want to reveal too much, but you will definitely hear more from Reed. I’ve added in Reed’s voice throughout the book, which will allow us all to get to know him better. Also, Kate will begin to heal herself, try to bond with her mom again and even learn to deal with Kyle.

5) Do you have any advice for anyone beginning writing their own novel?
Oh wow, this is a tough one! Yes, take your time, stay true to yourself and don’t give up. Also, start your research early on so that once your story is done you don’t have too many hold ups in releasing it. It has been a long process for me. I tend to be a slower writer, but I hope it pays off because I invest so much into the emotions of my characters striving to make them as real as possible.

6) Has there been a favorite part to this adventure?
I’ll admit I don’t really care for all the administrative, technical stuff with publishing a book… but I sure do love to write. That is my favorite part, the writing. Also, I love the relationships I’m making along the ways, for example – you, Francessca! I’ve met some really great people in this Indie world of writing!

7) What has been the most stressful part of this experience?
Two things have been extremely stressful in this experience. The first being promoting your work and staying on top of it. Trying to reach as many readers as possible. I released my book October 1st and my tour isn’t until November 11th. It’s been a long, long month and a half for me, but my tour is finally just around the corner! Crossing my fingers it’s successful and that the bloggers like my story. The second most stressful part is … the reviews and the possible negativity that can come with it. I know not everyone will like my story, care for my style of writing or love my characters like I do, but it still makes it hard to hear. I do however try to find the constructive criticism and apply it to my future writing.

8) One of my favorite parts to this book is that the steamy scenes are some of the best I have ever read! I think Melissa is a sex kitten in hiding! Do you have any advice for someone writing such scenes?
LOL! HA! I’m sure my friends and the people who know me are laughing about that. I’m also sure they were surprised to read those scenes coming from me… he, he, he. Thank you though! That is a huge compliment. Writing those scenes are hard and you have to have your mind in the right frame to write them or else they won’t come off the way they should. I think if you are writing Romance you need to make sure that you always keep reading Romance books… as many as possible. They inspire you as a writer. When I write them I think about the couple and what they would do. Then I take my time and think of every little move, where hands go, legs, face, etc. It’s got to be realistic in my opinion. Oh and music, music is very important!

9) What has been your best compliment for The Perfect Distraction so far?
There really truly have been so many beautiful ones I’ve gotten and they all shock and blow me away. When I started this I just hoped that anyone, someone would like my story as much as I do, so to have people enjoying it and complimenting me means a lot. I have been complimented a few times for my romantic/sex scenes and that is huge! It’s not always easy to write those. Also, I love to hear how much some of the reviewers hate Kyle. I take that as a compliment… I created a character that makes you angry. That’s a good reaction to Kyle. I feel like I did my job as a writer then.

10) Is there anything you would like to let us fans know about yourself? Any deep dark Secrets?
Hmmmm…. I like dark books with mystery. I have a little bit of darkness in this story, but I am hoping that I can pursue an even darker story in the future. Of course, it would include romance though. I’ve started writing a little bit of another story and it is definitely darker. We’ll see!

Posted on: 11/6/2013 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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