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Victory Run 1 - The Story Of Victory Payne

Devon Hartford


Victory Run 1There's only one rule in Rock & Roll: Don't sleep with anyone in the band.

Victory Payne is the hottest lead guitar player on the night club scene of Hollywood's infamous Sunset Strip. With nothing but her car and her guitar, she's ready to claw her way to success. Victory never gives up.

Then she breaks rock's cardinal rule. She falls in love with her lead singer, the gorgeous and brooding Scott Walker. That is mistake number one.

Mistake number two is a roadblock named Kellan Burns. Kellan is primed to claim the title of hottest lead guitar player in Los Angeles with his rugged good looks and his own guitar slung as low as his tight jeans. Kellan isn't the kind of guy to let some upstart babe with a six string stand in his way.

The Review

Victory Run Review Special

This is a review special on Victory Run 1, two of us have reviewed the same book to give you two different reviews, in this review you will also have teasers created by myself and Questions and Answers with Devon Hartford.

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Francessca's Romance Review

I have to begin by saying that I'm a huge fan of Devon's writing style, I first discovered him before starting off blogging with his "The Story Of Samantha Smith" Series, this series was so whitty and comical and constantly keeps me engaged. Victory Run is no different, it has laugh out loud funny moments ,"You're always trying to fuck my leg like a dog" he chuckles. Bobby makes a hound dog sound "Aaah-roo!!!", that keeps you constantly on your toes.

This is book one in the series so is mainly about engaging with the characters and setting up the story for the other books. This doesn’t come across as boring or lacking story line, Devon has done a fantastic job at keeping the reader engaged through the characters interactions, and having just enough drama to set up the story.

The chemistry between the characters is palpable whether its the way the band bounce of each other when they are having banter or the chemistry between Victory and Kellan with out them even meeting each other. I love Victory already, she has something about her that makes you relate to her and want her to give scott a big kick up the arse. Devon is very talented in the way he draws you in to the characters and there life.

This book is an easy read and a great way of setting you up for the series, it draws you in making you want to learn so much more. The story line isn't predictable so it keeps you engaged wondering where it will go to next. This is a fun loving book with great one liners.

I'm going to give this 4 stars, I love it and I'm definitely Keen to see where Victory's story is heading! I also want to give it 4 stars because I know Devon has so much more to give with book too so I need to give a bit of room for movement, but this is literally my only reasoning! Not much of one but if I gave Devon five stars now how would he ever live up to that for book two!

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Review By Our Guest Reviewer Jodie W

Standing up on stage at the cobra lounge skin trade are ready to rock all you can hear is the audience shouting "skin trade, skin trade, skin trade" and all the women screaming SCOTT I'm used to it his my boyfriend that's all I need to remember.

"Don't fuck the show up tonight Vic! there are a bunch of record people in the audience."

"ow" I shout "Scott your hurting me" the crowd is so loud no one in the audience can hear me but Bobby and Rex notice. They're both surprised and not sure what to do. Scott relaxes his hand but yanks me into his side again he hisses in my ear "what's gotten into you Vic"
"stop calling me Vic" I pull away and glare at him wide eyed.I can feel where his fingers dug into my exposed stomach.I bet he left red marks. Jerk. But if I say anything now I'm going to incriminate myself by sounding guilty and probably piss Scott off even more.

Scott and Victory have been together as a couple for two years Scott is the hot singer of skin trade while Victory is the sexy guitar player but something is different there's something going on, Victory just does not know what it is but she can sense it. Kellan is watching skin trade and he can not get over how good the guitar player is he wants too meet her; no, he needs too meet her. They make lots of eye contact during her performance, you can feel the chemistry between them. What's going on with Scott and Victory? will Kellan meet Victory?

I don't normally read books with less than 200 pages as I feel I'm just getting into it and it finishes but I'm so glad I went ahead with this book. I absolutely loved this book, it gets a 5 star rating from me no questioned asked. Devon has made me connect to Victory from the off and question Scott's behaviour. Without really getting to know either character I felt myself wanting to kick Scott's ass the whole way through the book.The book grabbed me from start to finish and I would recommend it to everyone. Its not like a normal rock star/romance that I would usually read, the way it has been written really had me hooked.I cant wait to start book two as I need more Victory,Scott and Kellan. I want to thank Francessca and Devon for giving me this chance to read this brilliant book.

Question and Answer with Devon Hartford

1.You seem to know a lot about guitars, is this because you play the guitar?
Yes. I've been playing guitar since I don't remember. You can watch me play here:
click here

2.If you are an avid rock fan, tell us who is your all-time favourite?
Metallica. But I love a whole bunch of different styles of music. I'm not just a metal head, but I play one on TV.**winks**

3.Are any of the characters based on people you have met?
Yes. I'll let you guys guess which ones! **Grins**

4.We both felt more betrayed by the other boys in the band, her so called friends, than by Scott is this drawn from personal experience?
Yup. I've been blindsided by band politics more than once. Bands can be very harsh. Musicians are often desperate to make it, and if they believe you're not going to help their dream come true, some musicians will turn their backs on you like they never knew your name.

5.Scott is a very jealous person in this book, where does his jealousy stem from? Or Is it his own insecurities?
Oh, gosh, that's the first question anyone has asked about Scott! Usually people just love to hate the guy! Well, we'll find out more about Scott in future Victory books! He has a bad habit of butting in when and where he can cause the most trouble.

6.Who is your favourite character and why?
Victory Payne, without a doubt. Because she's the one who got away.

7.There are very whitty moments throughout the book, I have a feeling this stems from your own personality would I be correct in my assumption?
Hells yeah! For those people who have read my other books (Fearless, Reckless, and Painless), you've met Romeo Fabiano, the consummate jokester. That guy's sense of humor parallels mine. Nothing is sacred and everything is an opportunity for a laugh. I love making people laugh, I love laughing myself, and I do believe that laughter is the best medicine. **Grins**

8.And finally, us been British we just have to know where the saying butterface came from because that is genius?
I heard butterface years ago. I wish I could take credit for it, but I have no idea where it originated.

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