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PR Pressure

As many of you may know I run my own business as a PR representative for independent authors. I have been in this line of work now for around 2 years whether it's helping out my favourite indie author or in my current role. I love the indie world and although at times it can be daunting and judgmental, the majority of authors, bloggers and readers are truly inspirational people. It takes something very unique to be an independent author, the market is over saturated with so many indie authors and I am always looking at new ways to help my authors establish a good reader base.Independent authors don't do it to get rich! Many of them after royalties, designers, pr companies don't even break even. Many of the independent authors I know do it for the love of writing even if it resonates with one reader (that's something right? Knowing that your writing hit the hearts and imaginations of YOUR readers).

Social media was a great platform initially to get your work out there and "be seen" by the millions. But even that gets harder and harder on a daily basis, with the ever growing number of users its near on impossible to be visible on someones timeline. Facebook constantly changes its algorithm and it's increasingly important to keep up with the times for someone in my position. However there is constantly conflicting news articles out there on google about what to do in order for your posts to be seen by the thousands.
Here is what I have found.

Videos reach more than your generic posts, so my indie's are currently trying excerpts or little videos of themselves. By all means add them to your YouTube channel but when it comes to Facebook load them direct. That way it is not a "link" and Facebook views it and will tell you on your post how many views the video has had. Make it relevant and speak directly to your readers, the people who like your page follow you because they want to not only learn about your latest novels but because they want to know "YOU". Run polls? Tests? Find out what your fans are really into? Events on Facebook used to be an amazing way to reach more readers and they still are although many people are there only for the freebies. EVERYONE LOVES A FREEBIE INCLUDING MYSELF but one tip I have for the authors is instead of giving away the book you are trying to sell, give swag or gift a book from a fellow author you love! You authors need to support each other too. READERS! If you see a Facebook post and you usually scroll (myself included in this) it only takes two minutes to hit that like button or share the post. The more active users are on the favourite authors or blogs posts, the more Facebook will show you in your timeline. There is also a feature now where as if you are a HUGE fan you can choose to see their posts first on your news feeds. Also as a reader, if you have read a story give the author some feedback, even if its just a rating. These all make a HUGE difference. If you weren't sure something worked within the story speak to the author, they wont be offended, all authors love constructive criticism as it helps them grow as an author. This industry is so passionate! I have met some of the most incredible people and some unbelievable talent. I just want to take a few minutes to thank those who have been patient with me and supported me through the most incredible but difficult two years!

Kelsey Burns, author, blogger and someone who I consider a dear friend, is an exceptional author but more importantly she saw something in me before I saw it myself and I would be lost without my wing lady!

Ava Manello another brilliantly talented author who reached out and has taught me so so much when it comes to promotion. She had faith in me from day one and has become someone i truly rely on.

My all for the ladies who have kept me sane when things get crazy and I get EXTREMELY "Paranoid". A massive thank you to Donna Tutin and Marie Mason for taking care of me on Saturday, you ladies have been so supporting.

Freya Barker who trusts me impeccably and who I see as my mother from another continent! There are so so so many to name but all the authors I have worked close with over the last couple of years, thank you so much for entrusting me with your babies! There is no get rich quick scheme for indie authors and don't be disheartened as many authors feel EXACTLY the same as what you are likely to be feeling. BE PATIENT. BE RESILIENT. And more importantly BE YOU!

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Posted on: 6/13/2016 - Posted by: Francessca Webster