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Unworthy Of You Release

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Book – Unworthy Of You
Series – The Spring Rose Bay Series
Author – K.L.Jessop
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Life has a way of bringing you down when you least expect it; it can leave you vulnerable and lost, no matter your age.

For years, I've lived inside a world filled with darkness and demons. Trapped by grief and solitude, I've surrounded myself with work and privacy, thinking that's all I've needed.

Then, one night, she changes everything.

One ridiculous drinking game...

One extraordinary kiss...

I want her in my bed—I just have to find a way to prevent it from happening, because I don't deserve to share my world with another.

I don't deserve to fall this hard.


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Exclusive Excerpt

Unworthy Of You.
Copyright © 2017 K.L.Jessop All rights reserved.

~ Andrew.
I shouldn’t even be contemplating what my mind is thinking right now because there’s a reason why I keep a wall between my work and home life, but before I have chance to stop myself, I bend down and pick up her bags.
“What are you doing?” she asks.
I continue to walk towards the car park.
Taking the key fob from my jacket pocket, I unlock my black Audi, opening the boot before placing her bags in. “Get in the car.”
“Why?” she questions.
“Is that really a question you need to ask? You’re staying with me.”
She doesn’t seem too enthusiastic. She doesn’t even look thankful. Instead her stance instantly reverts to that confident blonde that’s never too far away as she stands with her hands on her hips. “You treat me like shit, Andrew,” she says, eyes wide and full of fire. “Our friends are getting married, for Christ sake, and you treat me like absolute fucking shit!”
“I know. I treat everyone like that.”
“No, just me.”
She’s right, and I loathe myself for it, but it’s just too easy with her sometimes. I exhale, wanting to try and make up for the way I’ve been. “Will you please just get in and let me help you?”
“No. I don't need your pity.”
I’m surprised at how calm I am considering she’s being so fucking awkward. “I’m sure you don’t, but you do need a bed for the night and as much of an arsehole as you think I am, I'm not going to see you out on the street when I have a spare room. Now get in the car before I make you walk.”
“I don’t need your charity either.”
“Get in the car, Megan.” Our eyes hold each other’s in a fixed stare. She’s protesting. The woman even has the nerve to tap her foot. “Jesus, do you want me to drag you? Because I will. Now. Get. In. The. Car!”
She lets out a sharp huff and stomps to the vehicle like some stroppy teen that’s just had her phone taken off her, getting in and slamming the door. I shake my head and exhale as I look up at the stars wondering what the hell I’ve just let myself in for. “So, help me, God.”
Getting in, I fasten her seatbelt, tugging it tight to make her gasp. “There, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?” I say in a sarcastic tone that makes her brows rise.
“I still think you’re an arsehole.”
“Yeah, and you’re still the most infuriating woman I’ve ever met.”

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About The Author

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Kate has lived in South West England her entire life just on the edge of Dartmoor where the moorland goes on for days. It's beautiful, breath-taking and occasionally rather wet.

She is a dyslexic author and finds things challenging which often leads to banging her head against the wall or searching for vodka.
Kate loves anything creative, her college years were spent in the art room, she has numerous qualifications in advanced nail art and as well as writing her passion is photography.

She probably swears way more than she should and must be the only woman in history to hate clothes shopping. I know, right?!

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Posted on: 5/2/2017 - Posted by: Francessca Webster