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Virtual Book Clubs As many of you may have heard I have recently began hosting Virtual book clubs through Facebook groups, dedicated just to that individual books. I have completed two so far and I am currently on my third. I hosted on for Natalie Graham and her first Novel Broken Ever After and also for Melissa Rolka and her first novel The Perfect Distraction.

What is a Virtual Book Club?

A virtual book club runs very similar to that as a regular book club that you would attend. All people who are interested in being a part of the book club and reading or re-reading a particular book join. We then read around 3-4 chapters a night depending what suits everyone as a group. We ask that all participants purchase there own book and participating blogs get a free copy in return for there time a review and promotional posts.

As the host of the group I then post daily questions relating to the book and getting to know each other, as we read we discuss the book and what our personal opinions are. Also as the host I will post teasers relating to the chapters in which we are focusing on. I also host give-aways through out the book club and the author is present so that she can answer the readers questions and interact with everyone who is part of the group.

What our authors thought of the Virtual Book Club:

Melissa Rolka - The Perfect Distraction

"The Virtual Book Club was really amazing. It allowed me to interact with my readers as they read my story. I loved hearing their reactions to my characters, even the bad ones! I was able to answer an questions they had and explain any thoughts behind the character development. In turn I gained some new fans. Francessca made sure to keep everyone on task and up to speed too with fun little teasers, which invoked more interaction. The whole process was fun and insightful. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!"

Natalie Graham - Broken Ever After

"I first found the Virtual Book Club when I noticed Francessca had set it up for Melissa Rolka. The group read a few chapters at a time then came back together to discuss events, share their favourite quotes and teasers and ask the author any questions that they might have had. I thought it was a fantastic idea to engage fans, new and old to her book. It was definitely something that I thought I'd be interested in for my books, so I was delighted when Francessca offered her services to set one up for me too. It took approximately a week to organise the group and to sort when the best day for everyone to begin was. I thoroughly enjoyed watching as readers posted their reactions to my story and loved reading the teasers and quotes that I was sent along the way. I would definitely recommend Francessca's Romance Reviews to organise your Virtual Book Club."

What the readers thought:

I asked some of our readers a set of questions and here I will give you there answers.

First up we have Gemma Hopgood; she joined us on our second Virtual Book Club:

1)What appealed to you about our virtual book clubs? 2) Can I ask whats the favorite part of taking part in them?
I think the appeal is the unique experience of being able to talk to other women about the same book who are reading it at the exact same time. Yes, we all read at different speeds and have only certain times they can read so find themselves "behind" as such in the conversations but I found that the women, like me who didn't want to spoil it and read what others had put in order to further ahead their reading, we were able to tag in at certain parts and it helped that you asked here and there how we were all getting on giving us a platform to put where we were and talk about our thoughts and feelings about what had happened so far in the book with each character, certain situations, developments and what we were willing to predict was going to happen. I'm a bugger for doing that lol I see patterns and get gutt feelings - most of the time I am right or very close, rarely I am totally wrong but I thoroughly get a thrill from finding out if I'm right or not!

3) What is your favorite genre?
hmmm this is actually a hard one as I have two that I flit between the first being Fantasy (my first love, from a child to a teenager which grew to becoming an adult) Within the fantasy genre there is a diverse nature of subjects: Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters, Witches, Fae, Fairies ect which then as I grew older changed from the YA romance and developed into the more risqué world of Adult Romance that had features of a more graphic nature which I enjoyed more. So with or without the Fantasy side I enjoy a more Mature Romance/Adventure Novel

Gemma also added:
"I am not incredibly sure how I got into this virtual club, I think I somehow snuck in lol! I love reading and have been an avid reader since a little girl as I found it my escapism from life. This experience has been incredibly unique and exceptionally eye opening as it has allowed me to see that it is just not me out there that is a book nutter lol"


Broken Ever After:

"Be prepared to be dipped head first into a world where sex and lies are just the tip of iceberg and cream embossed stationary sends Catelyn into a whirlwind of panic!

I've completely devoured Call Me Cat to say the least, I read it from start to finish in around 36 hours, I simply could not put it down! I was given a copy of it for my honest review and I cannot thank Karpov Kinrade enough for the first instalment in this series.

It simply just drips sex and is exceptionally erotic in most of the plot given Catelyn's alter ego Cat's job. As is the standard I am used to in all of Karpov Kinrade books, you are immersed, within the first few pages, into the world that Catelyn lives in, it is so well constructed that you can easily begin to place yourself right there with the characters, experiencing the sights, the smells, the sounds and of course the introduction of not 1 but 2 possible heart throbs will always get a woman's pulse racing! Just which brother will she chose?

Not only is this book about erotic, hold onto your seat sex but it is also an exceptional mystery, the Midnight Murderer and boy did I have the time of my life, clutching onto my chest feeling each twist and turn of the plot as it quickly thickened, leaving false trails and other trails that are yet to be answered. It will keep you guessing and then second guessing yourself to just who the Midnight Murder is, but will Catelyn and her friends work it out before it's too late? Will you?

An amazing read and perfect for those who want a real page turner! I am desperate for Tell Me True to come out, the second in the series, so I can see just what happens to my theories and whether Catelyn/Cat is able to become at one with herself and truly fall in love without getting herself killed- just what were her parents hiding and what other secrets will unfold......"

Our next up is Jodie Walton:

1)What appealed to you about our virtual book clubs?
I joined the virtual book club as none of my friends read and i loved the fact i could read and tell people what i thought and they could do the sane i also loved answering Francesscas questions everyday made it fun.

2) Can I ask whats the favorite part of taking part in them?
seeing what everyone thought of the characters and if the author agreed.

3) What is your favorite genre?
this is a hard one as i always forget what they mean i just love romance stories ya na all of them.

4) You're best book boyfriend
eeeekkkk best bookboyfriend thats sooooo hard ok i love horse out of reapers property as my bad boy lol then im going for kellan kyle or blue eyes because they lovely

5) If you could change or add anything about them what would it be?
omg i wouldnt change anything just make them real lol.


The Perfect Distraction:

"Swoon alert Mr blue eyes Reed.I loved this book I read it in a virtual facebook book group with Melissa also in it and it was brilliant had me hooked from start to finish and I'm dying for book two to hurry up and come out.I connected to the characters so well that when they made a desicion that wasn't right I was ready to throw my kindle up the wall but to me that shows me how the author has nailed it.I would definitely recommend this book I loved it."

Broken Ever After:

"I read this book as part of a book club and really enjoyed it.Olivia has had a lot of crap happen to her and it hasn't stopped up until 80% I had this book as a 4star book but the twists that Natalie takes you on in this last 20% had me hooked and shocked and earned the book the fifth star from me. I didn't want it to finish."

If you are an author and this is something you may be interested in please you the contact form to get in touch with me, please be aware that there is a small charge for this feature if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Posted on: 2/26/2014 - Posted by: Francessca Webster