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Shattered By Fate - Fates Path Part Two

Jacelyn Rye


Shattered By FateOne heart cannot remember. Another heart cannot forget. Both hearts reach toward something to grasp. For Sarah, it is her past. For Will, it is to bring that past back. The only thing standing squarely in their way — is their future. Each has promised their heart and life to another. But where happiness should be, instead are the dark billowing clouds of a storm of reckoning. The thunder of regret splits a horizon now raining down upon them in shards of shattered promises and unreachable memories. In Book One of this three-part saga, fate seemed it would not be denied, bringing Sarah and Will together in a turbulent world, uniting young hearts for the right reason: love. But — almost as if it has eyes — fate sees to it that no love that is meant to be is allowed to be, without it being tested to the passionate edges of chance. Accidents. Small ones are remembered and retold with a laugh. Useful ones are celebrated. But shattering ones — those are the ones that slip from the fingers of fate. The kinds that are followed by silence as it roars the sound of life changing. And it is this pounding drone that Sarah and Will — once inseparable — now hear when they listen to their hearts. After her accident, Sarah awakens in a hospital room and into a very different life. Will, accidentally buried by heavy timber when he heroically saves a fellow worker, is also delivered into his own unforeseen, disoriented new life. Destiny’s dust never settles. And nothing is clear when doubts appear. Sarah is betrothed to Adley, while Will is engaged to Margaret, yet both are still connected to each other by an indescribable draw seemingly groping out from the deepest reaches of fate. A fate that deliberately leaves the door of temptation cracked open, giving Will a yearning peek at the naked truth of Sarah, who reaches out with the same tortured passions. A fate that leaves both to fight the desperate desires of wanting what each knows they cannot have. A fate that dares them to ask, “What will happen if I finally feel you?”

The Review

I would like to start by saying that I was given the opportunity to read and review the first book, and although it wasn't something that I would generally find myself reading, I thoroughly enjoyed Fates Path Part one you can find my review here, Click Here

I was so happy to be a part of Jacelyn Rye's blog tour and been able to have to opportunity to read the second part of fates path. Fate makes it's own decisions for each and every one of us and Jacelyn has done a wonderful job on continuing that path. The story picks up right where it left off and been prepared that the first 5-6 chapters had me sobbing for poor Sarah. I finished Part one in tears and picked up the second book continuing with the same theme. This book has ugly cry moments which I have to say i adore. It even took me by surprise on the bus journeys to work and back. Grab yourself a packet of tissues is my one and only bit of advice. This series is very different from most series I have read, it isn't full of sex but more full of desire and passion!

The characters continued on the same path and were true to there own identity through out the second book as they were with the first in the series. I love Sarah and it is more evident that she is troubled by trying to rediscover who she was. Both Sarah and Will are engaged to be married but there heartstrings still appear to sing for each other, even though there is that element of they are both in relationships it doesn't feel like a typical story with infidelity and I believe that is because through out Surrender To Fate Jacelyn Rye did an amazing job and building up her characters and you gaining great understanding about them as individuals but also the immense love they felt for each other. Jacelyn does a wonderful job in describing the turmoil that Sarah is experiencing which gives you this deep understanding about where she is coming from and what she is going through as a young girl.

I have to say in the first book I quite liked Adley although towards the end of this book I found him more of an annoyance, thinking to myself why could he just not let her be to find what she was looking for. I found that war had changed him, making him full of anger and hate. I found myself quite annoyed to him for having very little compassion for Sarah, and then I found myself think you manipulator!! This is by no means a negative thing as it indicates the author has done a wonderful job at evoking such emotion in me, again this could not have been possible if she hadn't of took the time in the first book of the story letting us get to know all the characters.

I am pleased to say that I didn't find any Typo's! Which for me is a great relief as they are my biggest pet hate! The only thing that prevented me from giving Jacelyn a five star rating was that I started the book with all this emotion and passion that when it eventually subsided i felt that the book was missing that same emotion although I know it is so difficult to maintain that emotion through out the story. I also know that many others would require that break to gather there own thoughts and emotions but for me personally the middle of the story felt as though it was missing some of that strength that both the beginning and then ending had. This is purely my personal thoughts and many say I'm a little on the crazy side as i enjoy so much angst and turmoil.

Thank you again Jacelyn for a wonderful edition to the first book it is written with such delicacy that it really deserves. I look forward to the Third installment and to seeing where fate will take them! Will she be reeled in by Adley or will Will fight for what the both clearly desire.

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