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The Perfect Emotion - The Perfect Series #2

Melissa Rolka


The Perfect EmotionThe story of Kate, Kyle and Reed continues in this second novel of The Perfect Series.

Kate (Katherine) Monroe is finally coming to heads with the decisions she’s made in the past to keep herself distracted at any cost. Learning to move on and forward with the conflicts in her life is harder than she expects though. With Kyle continuing to attempt reconciliation and Kate’s mom back at home, avoiding and running are no longer an option.

All along Kate’s mind and heart are consumed with Reed, but she fights to push her feelings and desires to the side. Despite the obvious pull and connection she has with Reed she finds it difficult to let him in… and trust in herself. However, Reed’s perseverance and patience never wavers and eventually he uses the one thing that had always brought them together… tennis.

As Reed and Kate begin to embark on a new relationship they face the past and the present head on. Along the way, new challenges and emotions arise testing the direction of their future together.

Can Kate forgive herself and trust Reed in order to latch onto the one emotion she needs most… love?

The Review

This series ends where Kate's story left off, Kate is still struggling to come to terms with the decisions she has made and her mums return home. Kate has truly developed through this series and has come so far personally. In the last story she was troubled by her manipulative ex partner where as in this book she is working through her unresolved issues and becomes more independent and faces her fears head on rather than avoiding them.

I love Kate's character and the way in which Melissa has developed her, she has become more determined and head strong about what she wants. Mr "blue eyes" is still loveable and he is determined to do what is best for Kate. We learn much more about Reed in this story and his past and family. I have to say I hate Reed's dad as much as I hate Kyle.

If any of you managed to read my review of The Perfect Distraction you would recall me stating that during reading this it required the air con on. Well ..... Melissa certainly has cranked it up by about 50 degrees and that's Celsius! It was hot, steamy and more importantly it kept me warm on some of the coldest winter nights! However, do not make the same mistake as me and read whilst traveling on a bus there is no air con on our buses so I certainly felt flustered. I do have to say this has some amazing steamy scenes which clearly show us the passion and chemistry between Kate and Reed.

Kyle is still there in the back ground niggling away trying to worm his way back in to Kate's life. Kyle carries on with his manipulative behavior but I am certain of it that there is so much more to get from Kyle I feel that this truly did end with Kyle lurking in the shadows just waiting for his opportunity! I feel that although I would love to make him eat his own teeth, I have this strange sense that Kyle will get what is coming to him! I don't want to give too much away about the story line and where the characters go.

I just want to tell you all that Melissa Rolka is extremely talented and manages to keep you captivated through out this story. You can tend to find with a lot of series that the second book never quite lives up to the first but you are sure to stay intrigued with Kate's story. This book doesn't so much as end of a cliffhanger but it certainly leaves a lot of unanswered questions and I know that Melissa well and truly has something hiding up her sleeve! Hmmm ..... What are you up to Melissa.

Thank you to Melissa for allowing me to be apart of the blog tour and more importantly bringing a tear to my eye for the amazing thank you in her acknowledgements. If it wasn't for amazing author likes Melissa I would be stuck writing reviews where I would be critical, it is wonderful to write a review about a book I truly love! Also if it wasn't for people like Melissa this blogging would be so much more difficult and I truly have managed to meet some amazing people and more importantly people I would now consider friends. So thank you!

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Posted on: 3/10/2014 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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