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Stupid Girl - Stupid in Love Book #1

Cindy Miles


Stupid GirlOnly fools fall in love...
After her senior year of high school leaves behind nothing but heartache, Olivia Beaumont is sure of this: She's no stupid girl. She sets out for Winston College, promising herself that she will remain focused on her first and only love - astronomy. But all it takes is cocky sophomore Brax Jenkins and an accidental collision with a football, to throw her entire year off course.
A quick-tempered Southie who escaped the inner city streets of Boston to pitch for Winston, Brax is known to play way more fields than just the baseball diamond. So, when his name is drawn to take part in his fraternity's hazing dare, Brax eagerly accepts the mission to take Olivia's virginity. But he doesn't plan on falling hard for the sweet and sassy Texas girl who sees right through his bad-boy persona.
As Olivia and Brax battle their feelings for each other, echoes of the past year begin to surface. A boy who once turned Olivia's whole world upside down reappears, and "harmless" pranks wreak havoc. Pretty soon the aspiring astronomer is on the verge of revealing her most difficult, heart-breaking secret. All the while, Brax must wrestle with the irrevocable dare, and Olivia struggles against all logic as she does the one thing only a stupid girl would do: fall in love.

The Review

Guest Review by Gemma H

Author Cindy Miles did an amazing job when she wrote "Stupid Girl", the characters are exceptionally constructed and she has been able to tackle some hard hitting issues within the novel in a way that allowed you to understand their plight, sympathise and feel with them..... in effect - Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles is a definite must read!

Olivia, who is our main female lead character and heroine comes from a small town in Texas. She wants to give herself a whole new life, a clean slate and a fresh start from the relationship that almost ruined her life, and with a scholarship to collage allowing her to follow her passion for astrology, she has all of the ingredients she needs to achieve it. Regardless of what happened to her she has remained down to earth but yet very intelligent with it, with her academic passion in mind she wants to keep all of her interest in the classroom rather than out of it.
Meet Brax, who is our Male Lead, our hero he is what is known in surrounding circles as a "Southie" native, he has come to the same college also on a scholarship but for baseball. But Brax is a bit of a fighter and constantly getting himself into one situation or another! He meets Olivia on their first day of college and their connection is instant no matter how much Olivia fights it. Throughout Stupid Girl Cindy Miles writes Brax's "spoken" part in the Southie style, allowing us to truly feel the full extent of his character, a different style of experience, one that I must say I enjoyed.

The plot of Stupid girl broached the subject of abuse in relationships and how someone can move pass what has happened to them in order for them to love again. The fact Brax, even though he is rough around the edges has such a huge heart proves that no one should judge people on what they just "see", it's about the person within. The back stories to each character was very well put together and thought out, the plot did at times become predictable in places, mimicking other Novels within the NA genre BUT the Characters do set Stupid Girl a mile apart from the others - A definite recommended Novel!

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Posted on: 7/20/2014 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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