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Fearless - The Story Of Samantha Smith #1

David Hartford


FearlessAt the age of sixteen, Samantha Smith's innocence was shattered in the blink of an eye. She kept the pain to herself for three years, burying her terrible secret beneath black clothes and black make-up, afraid to tell anyone. The price for her silence was the loss of her happiness and all of her friends.
After moving from stuffy Washington D.C. to laid back San Diego, where Samantha is now a freshman at San Diego University, she is determined to find new friends and reclaim her optimistic spirit. Having thrown away her goth exterior, she hopes that her new sunny look will heal her wounds.

Dreaming of adventure, she wishes to escape the humdrum middle-class existence that has repressed her fiery nature for as long as she can remember. But her parents are pressuring her to major in Accounting because it's the safe thing to do. Samantha secretly considers ditching the business major to study Art, a choice that would horrify her parents if they ever found out.

When Samantha crosses paths with a troubled, handsome, tattoo-clad bad boy, her life spins into overdrive, and Samantha finds herself juggling more adventure than she ever dreamed possible.

The Review

I’ll give you a brief run-down of the book; Samantha Smith is a young adult running away from a moment in life that ruined her for what she thought was forever. She wanted so much more in life but also battled with her daemons believing that she never deserved happiness. She meets Adonis a hot guy who she assumes is a complete player but finds herself falling in love. I don’t want to tell you to much more and spoil the story for you.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, sorry Devon Hartford, but as it was written by a man as an Adult Romance I wasn't expecting much. However it had me in hysterics laughing at Samantha’s thoughts here is just a snippet which had me laughing as it was a saying that is used by my partner from time to time; "between my crappy drawings this morning, kamiko's genius sketchbook, and this guy Spiritedness uber-genius painting, I sucked hairy ball bags". I have actually fallen in love with this book; there isn't trashy love making scenes throughout the book instead there’s innuendos and well described sexual chemistry. The story of both of their pasts is something you are guessing throughout the book, when Adonis finally opens his heart to her you really find yourself feeling the passion between the two of them. There was no serious cliff hanger but there was some question as to where there relationship will go from considering all that they had experienced. I am sure at times we can all sometimes feel this uncertainty with anything in our lives. The next book in the series, Reckless, is due out in October 2013 and I am looking forward to learning more about this couple, they seem perfect to each other but you wonder what they will have to endure next. Will Samantha not only follow her heart but will she follow what she wants to do with her life?

I was undecided about what star rating to give this book and based on comedy alone I would give it 5*, it is a very good build up to the remainder of the story and I would certainly read it again. I just couldn't bring myself to give it 5* overall review so I'm going for 4*, there was just something that I cannot quite put my finger on to give it a 5* rating, maybe I was a little disappointed by the cliff hanger or maybe a little annoyed by Samantha’s constant running away. I most certainly do recommend this book though especially as the release for reckless is up and coming soon!

Please do comment on my review any advice is more than helpful as I am still very new to this reviewing. Many Thanks for everyone's support!

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Posted on: 10/18/2013 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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